Kiss Daniel dumped G-Worldwide because of poor monthly salary – Insider



The reason Kiss Daniel left his record label appears to have been revealed .

Sources say both parties had ‘financial issues’ .

Neither Kiss or G-Worldwide have spoken about what really happened.

NAIJ had earlier revealed that popular musician Kiss Daniel had left G-Worldwide Entertainment, the record label he was signed to for a large part of his career.

What wasn’t known was why he left the label even though he had hinted that he may be on his way out in the past.

However, several sources say financial issues contributed to his exit from the label. According to LIB, “Kiss Daniel signed a 5-year contract with the Emperor Geezy led G-Worldwide Entertainment in 2013 which means he has been with them for just 4 years before they parted ways. LIB also has it on good authority that ‘finances’ played a huge role in the drama that led to both parties going their separate ways.

Why Kiss Daniel left G-Worldwide allegedly revealed

Remember in August 2015, news broke that Kiss Daniel despite all the hits he had only collected a paltry salary of 50k monthly, at that time his record label denied the reports.”

Since Kiss Daniel or G-Worldwide haven’t given an official reason as to why they went their separate ways, perhaps there is some truth to the allegations that finances was the cause of their fallout. naij

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