Beyonce proudly unveils cute twins in first ever photos

beyonce with her twins

OMG! For the first time ever, some insanely cute photos just surfaced of Beyonce and JAY-Z’s twins Sir and Rumi! Take a peek right here!

The wait is finally over! That’s right, some too-cute-for-words photos of Beyonce, 36, and JAY-Z‘s, 47, twins Sir and Rumi have finally arrived! The images show the beloved hitmaker lovingly cuddling the adorable pair outside their huge Miami mansion. Rumi even sports a super-cute bow in her hair! CHECK OUT THE PICS RIGHT HERE.

So sweet! Bey, sporting a colorful bathing suit and a stunning braid, has never looked happier as she cradles her 2 babies! In the images, it appears that Sir’s hair has been kept short, except for a cute tuft up top. As for Rumi, her curly dark locks perfectly suit her absolutely pinch-able cheeks! Awww! We’re totally in heaven right now!

As we previously reported in October, the twins’ parents Bey and Jay are finding raising them a lot harder than they guessed it would be! “After raising Blue Ivy for five years, Beyonce really thought she had the whole parenting thing in the bag — but oh boy was she in for a shock!” a source close to Beyonce previously told EXCLUSIVELY. “Everything she thought she knew is out the window when it comes to twins. Beyonce knew it wouldn’t be easy, and that two newborns mean twice the work, but she really didn’t imagine it would be THIS hard.” Welp, based on these snaps, Sir and Rumi’s mamma looks like a natural when it comes to raising twins!


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