Today is the last day shops are legally obliged to accept old paper £10 notes

Today marks the final day that shops and banks are accepting the old £10 notes as legal tender.

The old paper notes, which feature Charles Darwin and entered circulation in November 2000, can be refused by retailers after today.

They have been gradually replaced by new polymer notes, which were released last year to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death.

If you still have any of the older £10 notes, only the Bank of England in London will accept them without question in the future; though some retailers, such as Iceland and the Post Office, have confirmed they will be accepting.

Iceland Group Managing Director Tarsem Dhaliwal said: “We try to do everything we can to make life easier for our customers, and we know that many of them appreciated the opportunity we gave them to spend their old ‘round pound’ coins after they were withdrawn from circulation last year.

“With the Bank of England estimating that there are still more than £2bn worth of their old £10 notes in circulation, we are keen to help our customers by allowing them to spend these notes in our stores rather than having to exchange them at a bank.

“That is why we are giving everyone an extra month to track down their old tenners and bring them to Iceland.”

As the £10 notes are removed, a new collection of 26 coins are being introduced by Royal Mint. The 26 10p coins are labelled A-Z, each showing something ‘quintessentially British’.

They include designs featuring the Angel Of The North, fish and chips, James Bond and even the Loch Ness Monster. Punch

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