The one thing every woman wants for Val’s Day!

The Valentine’s Day is Wednesday. That is tomorrow.

The singular thing your woman wants for the day begins now: Plan. Yes, that’s all that’s necessary at this stage.

Give your partner a break and plan something. Anything. Well, not anything. Something she would like and relate with.

If you don’t know what she’d like, dinner is a safe and worthy bet.

If you can afford to, make it a bit nicer. If you can’t, make a dinner yourself. The only rule is: Take care of everything.

Make a plan. Make sure that she’ll be home in time for your reservation.

You did make a reservation, right? Is there a place to get drinks afterward nearby? Look it up.

What are you doing after that? Coming home and being cosy on the couch while watching romantic movie? Cool. But do have a plan!

We can’t tell you how grateful she’ll be to not make any of the preparations. And to have someone who wants to take care of everything for her! punch

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