Opinion: 2019 Elections: Now that power has shifted to Nasarawa North – By REUBEN RINE


Arising from my previous article titled “2019 Elections:  The disjointed Nasarawa North Senatorial District”, I herewith pen down this little piece, now that one of us has been elected, now that we finally gat the power.

The victory of Engr AA Sule of the APC never came as a surprise. It was conspicuously glaring and well envisaged by analysts and those who could see afar off. With the eleventh-hour shenanigans by the Eggon nation of endorsement and counter-endorsement of candidates (mainly of their extraction), the victory of AA Sule became sealed, settled and work over.

Here, we were talking about the election of a whole state governor. A person that will stand out, and be saddled with the affairs of governance all through the length and breadth of Nasarawa state. A person that will lead the entire populace in spite of religious, ethnic or social inclinations. It is indeed far beyond one ethnic group’s perspective but of a collective and elaborate one. Of a truth, one tribe cannot boast of producing a governor without having an all-inclusive and collective dialogue with other tribes. We must collectively learn to show mutual respect for our ethnicities.

With the turn of events, we now have a seemingly fair power share within the Nasarawa north district. House of reps and senate went to Wamba and N/Eggon LGAs respectively, and finally, Akwanga LGA has the governor. No one seems cheated; none has been relegated as aforetime. There is now the joy of ‘equal’ representation emanating from the trio of the LGAs constituting the zone. This came not as a result of a deliberately and contentiously planned, schemed and calculated understanding. The present power share is a mere end product of betrayal, subtility, greed, deceits, envy, sentiments, insincerity and acrimony.

Furthermore, we should be reminded that apart from the 3 major aspirants from the Nasarawa north district who contested the just concluded gubernatorial election, there were other candidates from other zones who could have clinched to victory.  Although it may not be favorable in some quarters, the triumph of one of us should be celebrated by well-meaning sons and daughters of this zone. As such, we now have somebody with our identity in the helm of affairs. Indeed, we’re not forsaken.

Now that we gat the power, will our collective interest be well represented? Or are we going to be further alienated and relegated by one of us? How much of development and human empowerment do we expect? Will agriculture be boasted? Will feeder roads be built? Will our schools work again? Will our health care systems be expanded and improved? Will there be a regular supply of electricity? Will industries be established and situated in our zone? Will thousands of our graduates be employed? Can we now have potable water in our municipalities? What plans are in stake for us? How much can we be empowered? How best can we ‘glean’ from Lafia?

With the emergence of Engr AA Sule, should we expect a protracted legal battle from other defeated contestants? Will other contestants of our zone challenge his victory? Can they for the sake of peace and sportsmanship concede defeat without much ardor? How now can we mend the broken fences?

Now that the elections are over, it is indeed time to sheath our swords and embrace peace and unity. Nasarawa north needs conciliation and not war. It is time to come together and dialogue. It is time to build and not tear down. Let us put our differences behind us and collectively fight for the good of our zone. For together we’ll be insurmountable.

Let me end this piece by reminding us that we have the power and the onus to change any leader that fails to do the needful within his tenure. If Engr AA Sule being one of us fails, we can from within us raise someone able and willing to do more for us.


Reuben Rine



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