400,000 new subscribers join Glo in April – NCC



Latest industry report released by the telecoms regulators, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) indicates that Globacom grew its subscriber figure by over 400,000 in  the month of April.

The report published on the website of NCC showed that Globacom’s subscriber figure increased from 39,042,979 in March to39,523,811 in April, 2018, showing an increase of 480,832 customers.

The new statistics reconfirms Globacom as the second largest telecommunications operator in the country with 25 percent share of the market. The network’s subscriber base has since January this year continued its upward movement, rising from 38,169,780 at the end of December, 2017 to 38,228,018 in January, 38,423,184 in February, 39,042,979 in March and 39,523,811 in April. This indicates that Glo has so far added 1.36 million more subscribers to its network this year.

A review of how the national operator fared in the last one year showed that it grew its subscriber base by 2.25 million, as the customer base rose from 37,270,100 in April, 2017, to 39,523,811 in April, 2018.

Globacom’s increasing subscriber base is said to be a result of the several attractive and user-friendly packages which offer a lot of appeal to prepaid and postpaid phone  users, thus making its services the most accessible and most affordable.

In the same vein, the NCC figures showed that connected telephone lines in the country reduced marginally from 242.6 million in March to 242.53 million in April. These include GSM, Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Fixed Wired/Wireless and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). However, GSM lines remained dominant with 238.1 million connections in March and 238.03 million in April.

However, active telephone lines in the country rose from 148.6 million in March to 160.1 million lines at the end of April.



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